Hi there!

Welcome to Café Sågmöllan, the oldest café in Kivik! Already in 1939, the Coffee House was build. A place for those visiting at the Kivik grave to meet, have a cup of coffee and exchange experiences inside the tomb.

The history of the building begins in 1874. Judge Per Larsson built a combined saw and flour mill here, driven by a water wheel. Planks of oak were sawn to the boat manufacturers in Kivik and Vitemölla. Cabinetmakers in the neighborhood got excellent elm to their projects. It is said that almost all households in Kivik had furniture by elm sawn in Sågmöllan. In 1920 the sawmills history came to an end, it was no longer profitable. The janitor to the Kivik grave housed here between 1920-1939. The building was donated to the Swedish heritage board in 1932 when the Kivik grave was restored and became national monument.

Today we serve homemade cakes in the rustic café building. The environment is characterized by tranquility and contemplation at the pond and the babbling Ängabäcken. Many people describe it is like stepping into another era!

A warm welcome to us!