When I was a child we went to coffee parties. Then there were biscuits, buns, cakes and tarts. Everything was baked at home and tasted amazingly good. During my childhood, I came to appreciate these parties, not just for the biscuits but also because they brought people together who normally might not have met so often.

It was a bit solemn yet relaxed. It was a little dressed up and many meetings ended up in lifelong friendships. Today I have the privilege of running Café Sågmöllan, this classic café that opened its doors in 1939. Many prominent guests took a cup of coffee and some sweets here after a visit to the “Kings Grave”. Even today, some “celebrities” visit us but all of our guests are, in our eyes, prominent and worth only the best. Therefore, we bake everything on site from scratch. The recipes are classic, slightly modified by me.

We also welcome you with needs of the gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan with a great range of choice even for you. My hope is that all guests will feel the love I and my fantastic staff puts into our small café.

Warmly welcome to Café Sågmöllan /Ann-Louise S Ferngård, owner of Asmiroca Culture heritage events who now runs Café Sågmöllan